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From Basic to luxe: your go-to guide to choosing a portable restroom

From basic to luxe: your go-to guide to choosing a portable restroom


When you plan an event, you probably think about the food, decor, tables and chairs, and the venue. And if you were asked to plan a construction project, you’re likely busier thinking about workers, tools, resources, schedule, and the budget. Restrooms and facilities are probably not the first thing that comes to mind.

But really, having facilities on site is extremely important. And there are many different kinds of porta potties out there. From a basic portable restroom rental to standard units to luxury restroom trailers, the options are endless. 

In this post, we’ll explore the different types of portable toilets available, from basic to luxury options, so you can make an informed decision when choosing a portable toilet solution for your event or construction site. 


Basic Portable Toilets

A basic porta potty rental is the most affordable option. These are usually compact, simple, and no-frills units. They feature functional design, basic sanitation, limited ventilation, and are easy to transport and set up.  

The advantages of basic portable toilets: 

  • They’re cost effective. The basic no-frills models are the most affordable ones on the market. If you’ve got a tight budget, these are a good serviceable option. 
  • They’re easy to move. Basic porta potties tend to be very lightweight, making it easy to transport them to your location and set them up. 
  • They’re easy to maintain. Basic portable toilets are designed very simply and don’t have many advanced features, which makes them easy to clean and maintain. 
  • They don’t need electricity. You don’t need to worry about power sources. These basic models don’t require electricity and can be used in locations where power is not available.

Basic portable toilets are suitable for short-term use, and are ideal for events or construction sites that are only going to last for a day or two. Consider bringing a basic model to small events and gatherings where the number of attendees is low, and the need for restrooms and sanitation is limited. Cheap basic units are also great for short-term construction sites and very remote locations where there is no access to running water or electricity.


Standard Portable Toilets

Standard portable toilets are a step higher than the most basic units. These aren’t quite luxury accommodations, but they have some improvements over the basic models out there. 

Standard units typically feature better ventilation, a holding tank for waste and a lid to cover the tank, a flush system that moves waste into the holding tank, and a more spacious design.

The advantages of standard portable toilets: 

  • They have improved sanitation and not just the bare minimum needed. 
  • They have better ventilation. Standard portable restrooms often include a fan or more sophisticated vents to help improve air quality and reduce odors.
  • They’re bigger. Standard size is bigger than the basic size, so visitors have more space to move around and to just breathe, making it more comfortable. 
  • Standard restrooms might also come with extra benefits like lighting or mirrors, enhancing the overall appearance and experience. 
  • Overall, they provide a more comfortable experience for guests. If comfort is something important in your equation, you should definitely consider at least standard grade portable restrooms. 

You should consider bringing standard portable toilets to medium-sized outdoor events. They’re great for events like weddings, galas, or events where guests expect to be treated to a certain level of comfort and hygiene. They’re perfect for industrial sites, providing workers with a comfortable, hygienic, and safe place to use the restroom, which can help to enhance worker productivity and satisfaction. When you’re looking for a porta potty for construction sites that will be more long-term, opt for standard units. Standard portable restrooms are also ideal for remote locations like parks, beaches, and wilderness areas where there is no access to permanent restrooms.


Luxury Portable Toilets

Luxury portable toilets are – well, luxurious! They feature plumbing and running water, air conditioning, spacious and beautiful interiors – and they cost accordingly. 

The advantages of luxury portable toilets: 

  • They’re super comfortable – they feel like a regular high-class restroom. Luxury portable restrooms are the most comfortable for guests. If you want to impress your guests and make them feel right at home, this is the way to go. 
  • With running water and plumbing, these are pretty standard facilities if you don’t want that “portable toilet” feel. 
  • Luxury units feature mirrors, nice decor, and extra touches to create a nice ambiance that enhances the overall atmosphere of the event. 
  • Shared restrooms might not always be the most hygienic, but luxury portable restrooms are. Often, the porta potty rental service offers cleaning or upkeep service as part of the rental plan. 

Luxury portable toilets are a great idea for large outdoor events, VIP events or VIP areas at large events – or even long-term construction sites if you want to pamper your crew just a bit. 


Choose your toilet 

You might want to go with a basic model – the no-frills, barebones, do-what-you-gotta-do model. Or you might be interested in looking at standard models, with a bit more comfort and hygienic standards. Or maybe you’re ready to go all out with a luxury model. 

Make sure that whatever you’re choosing is something that will work well for the event, venue, or site you plan to use it at. If you want to rent a porta potty for event or construction venues, make sure that you’re choosing a model that makes sense for the location.

If you aren’t sure which category is right for you, reach out to us. We at SOS Toilet are happy to help you discover the perfect porta potty rental. 

At SOS Toilets, we understand the need for a safe and reliable porta potty rental service. We offer a wide range of rental options, including porta potty rental for events, construction sites, and other special occasions. Our team of professionals is committed to providing you with the best possible service and experience. We strive to ensure that your porta potty rental is a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Happy planning! 

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