Single Portable Restroom Trailer

  • Units can be lowered to ground level with removable towing tongue
  • Designed for off-road and paved surfaces

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SOS Single Portable Restroom Trailer is a reliable transportation solution for work areas where crews need the flexibility to move a portable restroom unit around the site. Construction and agricultural workers don’t stay in the same spot for long, and the trailer keeps them from having to walk a long distance to use the toilet.

It was designed for use on both paved and off-road services.

For safety and convenience, the trailer can be lowered to ground level for easy access to the portable restroom.

Another safety feature is the removable towing tongue that eliminates a trip hazard. It doubles as a security feature to prevent theft or unauthorized movement of the trailer.

An exterior hand wash station is mounted on the trailer.

If you’ve got a customer who wants their crew to be able to move a portable toilet with ease, the Single Portable Restroom Trailer is just what they need.

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