Deluxe Portable Restroom

 $210.00 - $2,730.00 Unit Price
  • 16 gallon sink
  • 65 gallon waste tank
  • Soap
  • Paper towels
  • Two-ply, environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced toilet paper

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SOS Deluxe Portable Restroom is a convenient combination of a restroom and sink in one product at an affordable price.

Deluxe portable restrooms provide a convenient way to wash your hands on the inside of the unit.

The deluxe portable restrooms are the same model as our standard restrooms but they include a sink basin. The basin is a 16-gallon reservoir that provides fresh water to wash your hands. The water drains directly into the restroom tank.

The interior sink is operated with a hands-free foot pump. The deluxe restroom also includes antibacterial soap and paper towels, in addition to two-ply toilet paper, toilet seat covers, solar light and scented disk.

Description Measurement
Exterior Height

91 in / 231 cm

Interior Height

82 in / 208 cm

Exterior Width

43.5 in / 110 cm

Interior Width

41 in / 104 cm

Exterior Length

47 in / 119 cm

Interior Length

41 in / 104 cm

Holding Tank

60 gal / 227 L

Seat Height

19 in / 48 cm


165 lbs / 74.25 kg

Side Panel Decal Area

12 in x 22.75 in / 30 cm x 58 cm

Door Decal Area

28 in x 24.5 in / 71 cm x 62 cm

Door Opening Width

26.25 in / 66.5 cm

Door Opening Height

73 in / 185.5 cm

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